Behind the Scenes:
The Kramden Bedroom

This "snapshot" was written by Audrey in her book,  Love, Alice.

  Fans always ask, "What did the bedroom look like?"
  All they ever saw was Alice or Ralph going in and out.
  Well, I imagine the Kramden bedroom was not up to the sumptuous decor of their living room/kitchen, since Ralph believed firmly that it was dumb to decorate a room where you spent most of your time with your eyes closed.

Love Alice -- 
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   A bedroom requires a bed.  Everything else was extravagance.
   Well, he had a bed all right.  A bed big enough to support a man of some substance, and Ralph Kramden was very substantial.  In fact, the weary mattress and springs sagged noticeably on his side and high and firm on Alice's side.  Alice's one treasure was a well worn green teddy bear with one eye missing, which Ralph won for her at a carnival.
   The lone window had no curtains, just a single shade with a mind of its own.   Alice had a three-drawer dresser handed down from previous owners.  On it was a bowl of plastic flowers (dusted daily) to add a feminine touch to the room.  Ralph had a four-drawer dresser, (one drawer for Raccoon regalia).  Taped to the mirror above was Ralph's "Bus Driver often Month" award.  There was no carpeting, but a yellow rattan mat laid by the bed which informed, "Asbury Park Loves You!"