Behind the Scenes:
Jackie the Hypnotist

This "snapshot" was written by Audrey in her book, Love, Alice.

   Jackie was fascinated with many aspects of parapsychology and read widely about the subject.  He was particularly interested in the many reports of how hypnotism had, presumably,been effective in bringing about medical cures.  Somehow he became certain the he himself possessed the skills of a hypnotist.   How he reached this judgement, I have no idea, but never convinced the rest of us.

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My Life as a Honeymooner
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   Novelist Budd Schulberg, a great writer who was also, unfortunately, a habitual stutterer, visited Jackie's apartment to discuss writing some special material for the show.  Jackie saw Budd's impediment as a great opportunity to heal him through hypnotism.  With Schulberg's permission, Jackie soothed his patient with mesmerizing eye and dominating voice for a full hour.
   Finally, Budd exited Herr Docktor's office and the production gang pounced on him.  "Did Jackie help cure your stuttering?"  he was asked.
   The author drew himself up, gazed meaningfully at the group with a slow smile and answered "D..D..D..Def..Def..Definitely."